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CEO Greeting

“Sejong Flex”will make more convenient and brighter future together.


Will realize the mutual growth with customers by providing the quality product at a competitive price.

Sejong Flex has produced and supplied the PVC hose products forming the basis of various industries since the foundation. Sejong Flex will do its best to make the happier world as the global leader in the PVC hose area by using the state-of-the-art facilities and by doing the perfect production management.


Sejong Flex has grown as the company having the highest competitiveness and specializing in manufacturing PVC hoses on the basis of the technology and experience having been accumulated for a long time.

The skilled engineers produce Sejong Flex’s PVC hoses. The quality of all products is 100% guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is the first priority. The quality PVC hoses are supplied at reasonable prices at the right time.

I assure with all company staffs that it will become the company developing day by day with your support and will devote to moving forward more and more energetically. We will listen to the opinions of the customers always using Sejong Flex’s products and will realize the mutual growth with customers.

Thank you so much.

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