Sejong Flex PVC hoses manufacturer in korea

Sejong Flex Super Hose

We are waiting for the dreaming talents who will join Sejong Flex steadily having grown on the basis of the domestic market and the export to the 50 countries in the world since it was established in 1982.

  • Open Mind

    The person making an effort to solve a problem with the positive mind when it is faced with a difficult problem, sharing its opinion with colleagues, and leading the situation in the progressive direction

  • Open Awareness

    The person doing its work with the awareness that it is the owner of the company and developing itself with the attitude of challenging a new one and always learning from it

  • Open Behavior

    The person passionately achieving the common goal of the company, enjoying being with colleagues, and doing an act in harmony

We want to be with the open person gong to the broader global market with Sejong Flex.